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We strive to be an industry leader, we provide talents with the ability to generate a buzz!

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Our roster is multi-faceted as he campaigns we service, rising to the occasion of any customized staffing requirements as requested by you!

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Whether on location, on air, on film or on foot, promoting means engaging and communicating with the public to create a “Buzz” around your brand. Each of our promotional models is well informed on the specifics of the product they are presenting to ensure a professional and seamless experience for your guest and customers. At Buzz Promotions, we pride ourselves on hiring talent tha is not only beautiful, but has the ability to attract and engage individuals in a multitude of settings.

The Buzz Promotions Go-Go Dancing Team is guaranteed to create an electrifying compliment and bringlife to any party. Our charismatic dancers will hype up the crowd with their trained dance techniques,friendly attitudes, beautiful appearance, and inspiring self-confidence.

One of the best ways to connect with consumers is to CONNECT with them! Experiential marketing isbeneficial to brand leaders and fun for consumers when staffed is executed correctly. Our promotionalstaff is educated on how to build up excitement and communicating important brand information toconsumers in a friendly, informative manner.

A successfully marketed brand is essential for building a successful business. Our brand ambassadorshave the ideal combination of charisma, attitude and energy to capture and keep the attention of yourtarget demographic. Our brand specific services include full staffing, team leads, up to 10 photos, and awritten campaign report for each project.

Whether you’re hosting a trade show, board meeting, formal gala or leadership forum, Buzz Promotions isaccustomed to staffing memorable events. Your associates will be impressed by the level of quality hostswe will provide you with. Our staff of sophisticated models will liven your event and draw positive attention to your cause.

One of the largest challenges of mobile tours is finding devoted, qualified staff to efficiently run an event,especially outside of your primary city of business. Buzz Promotions recognizes this need, and takes theinitiative & time to secure the most ideal staff members possible. By understanding our clients needs, wedevelop a customized option for you! Our friendly staff pushes themselves to ensure promotions andtours create a Buzz with sophistication and style.

Buzz Promotions understands the value of a great personality! Add some to your important event withour wait staff! Our likable staff are ready to work hard, & give your guests a noteworthy experience. Ourservices include public speakers, hostesses, garment checks, networkers, and wait staff. For moreinformation about our sophisticated hospitality services, contact us today. * Although we do not offer exotic or bachelor party staffing services, we’d be happy to recommend somelocal companies that do.

Buzz Promotions purposefully recruits professional, easy to work with fashion models. Our staff oftalented fashion, print, and runway models maintain are independently successful and maintainprofessional appearances at all times. Each model is screened for their experience behind the camera,understanding of the industry, and overall professionalism. Because we understand our clients’ projectson an individual basis, our make-up and hair personnel are also independent professionals who useinnovative techniques to showcase our models’ unique talent.

Our fashion and media models are professional models, and local industry leaders, who are successfullyindependent and seeking additional opportunities. These stunning women were carefully hand selectedfor their experience with the camera, looks, personality and body language. At the same time, each modelis extremely easy to work with, thoroughly professional and has a strong sense of work ethics. Many arealso talented actors – known for their capabilities and on- (and off) screen presence.

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