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Terms of Agreement

1. INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR: Both parties understand and agree that Buzz Promotions is using the services of the independent contractor only, not an employee, agent or partner of Buzz Promotions; the independent contractor will not become an employee of Buzz Promotions while this agreement is in effect nor have authority to bind Buzz Promotions in any way. Both parties understand that that there are no minimum or maximum hours of service during any period.

2. PREVIOUS AGREEMENTS: This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties and supersedes all previous verbal and written agreements or representations.

3. FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: Payment for services remitted by Buzz Promotions is the gross amount so independent contractor will be responsible for reporting and remitting all personal income tax, applicable sales tax, CPP contributions, Unemployment Insurance and any statutory remittances/deductions required by law. It is the responsibility of the independent contractor to keep financial records of the work completed for Buzz Promotions in the absence of tax forms.

4. PAYMENT: Payment will be sent, the first week of each month, via EFT so long as invoice/time sheet, including fees and expenses, is reported properly and on time. Expense receipts must be sent in within 3 business days following a shift to be eligible for reimbursement. Parking, meals, gas and/or travel are not reimbursed without the prior written agreement of Buzz Promotions. If independent contractor is asked to work more hours than agreed, they will notify Buzz Promotions immediately to be eligible for compensation.

5. NON-DISCLOSURE: Both parties agree not to, under any circumstances, distribute or disclose any of each others business activities nor inter-meddle with each others business relationships, either while under contract or after termination. Both parties acknowledge that they are entitled to seek injunctive relief against the other, and to pursue damages for any loss of profits as a result of interference.

6. WAIVER OF LIABILITY: The work under this agreement will be carried out at locations that are not controlled by Buzz Promotions. Independent contractor waives any potential action against Buzz Promotions and its officers, directors and employees, arising for any reasons other than the gross negligence of Buzz Promotions. Independent contractor has full control over which listings (times/locations/rate) they choose to accept and work.

7. MISCONDUCT & FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: Independent contractor agrees to complete the services entered into pursuant to this agreement with due consideration to the requirements of Buzz Promotions and its clients. Independent contractor’s failure to adhere to the following policies and standards may jeopardize the collection of payment from Buzz Promotions’ clients, and subsequently compromise independent contractors own payment including previous fees earned that may be put towards any damages arising. Independent contractor will be held 100% liable for their own financial losses/deductions as well as Buzz Promotions’ losses/deductions resulting from the following list of misconduct: A) Threatening, intimidating or abusive language or conduct to anyone on site including harassment in any form; B) Theft or the unauthorized removal of property of the company, customers, or others; C) Deviation from any dress code set out in a contracted shift; D) Failure to immediately report any illegal behaviour from other team members or clients; E) Consumption of alcohol, before, during or while in uniform for a shift unless otherwise expressly permitted in a rare circumstance; F) Smoking cigarettes at any time while on site and/or in uniform; G) Use of cell phone or other electronic communication while on shift, except during designated breaks, if contacting Buzz Promotions regarding work or while posting relevant media on-line as requested; H) Arriving late without informing management and/or on-site contact; I) Abandoning a shift before the designated end time without a record of emergency: J) Failure to complete (in-full) or hand-in any required event reports and/or receipts within 3 business days; K) Failure to check in on-site, with a photo, as proof of shift start; L) Termination of an activation/shift for misconduct, prior to completion, by a client, manager or on-site contact for any of the above listed.

8. SUPPLIES: Independent contractor is responsible for bringing their own supplies such as bowls, uniforms and openers as needed.

9. PHOTOGRAPHS: Buzz Promotions reserves the right to use/publish photographs of the independent contractor that have been obtained via contracted shifts or company/client affiliated photo shoots. Buzz Promotions may use these photos in media for promotion, advertising, trade, or other purposes associated with Buzz Promotions. Independent Contractor is not entitled to compensation for use of these photographs.

10. CANCELLATIONS: Cancellations by Buzz Promotions between 24 and 48 hours prior will result in 50% compensation of the total shift (not campaign) to the independent contractor or cancellations made 24 hours (or less) prior will result in 1000% compensation of the total shift (not campaign) to the independent contractor. Independent contractor will provide 48 hours’ notice prior to cancelling a confirmed booking. In the event of an emergency or unexpected illness, independent contractor will provide as much notice as well as tangible proof such as a doctor’s note or police report. Not showing up for a booking, with no notice, will result in a penalty of 100% potential contracted earnings being owed to Buzz Promotions unless record of emergency is provided.]

I, the independent contractor, have read the above statement and agree to abide by these policies and procedures. I understand that any breach of this agreement could lead to termination, forfeiture of payment and/or legal action. I understand I will be required to sign and send back a physical copy of this agreement which Buzz Promotions will go over these policies during my initial interview.

By typing your name in the box below, you accept the Buzz terms of agreement as outlined above.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I an employee or an independant contractor?

You are considered an independent contractor (or sub-contractor), you are NOT an employee of Buzz Promotions. Laws and regulations for independant contractors apply. We encourage everyone to read up on independent contractor guidelines in their province.

We get several applicants for some jobs so it can take a few days to review and make a final decision. If you’re booked for an event you’ll receive an email asking you to confirm.

All suitable applicants are reviewed and chosen either by Buzz or by the client. If you were not booked for a shift you applied for, don’t be discouraged- keep applying. To increase your bookings, please make sure your photos are professional/current and you are not cherry picking shifts

Buzz Promotions does not reimburse parking or travel unless specifically offered or agreed upon, in writing, beforehand.

If you are running late you are required to call your booking manager and well as the venue management if necessary. We understand there are variables, however you should always plan to arrive onsite 10-15 minutes prior to your start time. Remember to plan for traffic, weather or possible delays in the area.

Payment is on or around the 15th of the month for the previous month worked. For instance, if you work in December, you will be paid for all December shifts and expenses on or around January 15th.

Although we state pay day as the 15th, we try to pay all independent contractors for their work as soon as possible following the last day of the month. The time frame is based upon when the client pays us so payments can sometimes be early or late. If you have not submitted your monthly invoice, you will not be paid until you do.

Please do not respond to shifts unless you are 100% positive you can work. You are required to give at least 72 hours’ notice if you cannot fulfill your commitment. In the event of an emergency, we require proof of your emergency (doctor’s note, police report, etc.). If you cancel without notice and cannot provide proof of emergency, you will be financially responsible for any losses incurred as a result. We hate to penalize staff; however no-shows can have devastating repercussions on our client and venue relationships.

Retail tastings are a major part of what we do. If you exclusively work street teams, trade shows, golf tournaments, etc., Buzz Promotions is probably not the best fit for you. We value flexibility and those with a willingness to work when there are shifts that need to be filled, whatever they may be.

If we do have not received a live confirmation that you’ve read the details for your shift, 18-24 hours prior, we will attempt to book someone else in your place. We cannot risk no-shows.

No, Buzz Promotions only hires sub-contractors so T4/T4A slips are not issued. For tax time, it’s best to keep a copy of every monthly invoice you’ve submitted and use those invoices to calculate your earnings.

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