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How to Get Hired as a Brand Ambassador

Becoming a Professional Promotional Model or Brand Ambassador has many benefits. You get the opportunity to freelance and make your own schedule while building brands, large and small! Developing excellent marketing and sales skills while having fun, making great money, building your portfolio, while working internationally (for all you beautiful people that love to travel)  – we call that living the dream. See the world and work anywhere as a brand ambassador, there are organizations all over Canada, United States, Australia and beyond that are waiting to hire you to represent their brand.

In order for a legitimate promotional agency to hire you, here’s a few ‘need-to-know’ tips and tricks that will have talent agencies calling you every weekend!

  • Professional Headshot and Photos: This is absolutely critical for getting hired by a marketing agency. We can’t stress this enough. Photos submitted must be high quality, recent and an accurate representation of your appearance. Clients have different needs and markets, they are seeking talent that will accurately represent their brand. Show personality. Headshots should be simple. No cell phone selfies,  no hands by your face no bathroom photos no photos with clutter dress in basic attire, jeans,  black or white t-shirt or tank top is always a safe choice make up lighting warm and friendly look approachable.

There are TONs of photographers looking to gain experience and build their portfolio, you can get photos done at a very low cost. Or, you can learn how to create your own headshots!

  • Learn Basic Sales Knowledge – Business Owners & Sales and Marketing Manager have 2 main goals with experiential marketing: 1. Sell Products and/or Services. 2. Brand Awareness. In that order. Basic sales and marketing knowledge go a long way especially if you’re expected to sell. It’s very easy to find some excellent resources online to help you expand your skillset. Who knows, there could be some great incentives.
  • Be flexible and available – the more you show initiative to take on projects, the more calls you will get. The industry is known for thriving on flexibility but if you’re never available, you won’t get the bookings!
  • Gain some experience – Build your portfolio make sure you take photos and use social media!


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