Client terms

Booking: All Bookings are accepted by email, on-line request form or phone and are considered non-binding unless confirmed by email and signed agreement OR deposit prior to assignment. The client agrees to disclose and specify usage, extraordinary conditions or requirements, address and contact phone number of all booking locations and complete invoicing information at the time of booking. The client also agrees to supply adequate and accurate notes and marketing materials. Provisional bookings must be confirmed or released 72 hours prior to booking otherwise booking will either lapse or be subject to late booking fees.

Rates/Fees: Four-hour minimum at applicable hourly rate with the exception of specified liquor demonstrations (3-hour minimum). Anticipation of duration of job is to be specified at time of booking. Going rates typically range between $30 and $40 per hour in Canada, however, since there are so many variables, Buzz Promotions doesn’t work with a set pricing scale. Instead, all rates are customized to suit the budgets and requirements of each client. Additionally, we offer special rates for high-repeat and exclusive clients, and ensure that our clients have a full estimate of the cost before booking. Clients can read more about agency pricing via our blog. Buzz Promotions must be paid for the full amount of time that personnel are booked, even if personnel are not used for the full amount of booked time. Please contact Buzz Promotions directly for a quote. Agency fees & commissions are included in hourly rates. Usage fees, buyout fees, re-uses and residuals will be itemized and charged individually. Payments are to be made by the client directly to Buzz Promotions.

Overtime: Bookings exceeding confirmed end time will be charged at the normal rate up until the eighth hour. Bookings exceeding 8 hours are charged overtime (rate plus 30%), rounded to the nearest half-hour.

Lingerie/Bikini/Body Paint: Lingerie, bikini or body paint specific bookings are charged at double the normal rate. All transparent garments, body paint or semi-nude bookings are charged at triple the normal rate

Fitting, In-person Training & Rehearsal Fees: The regular hourly rate applies with a minimum of two hours. Clients with liquor tasting contracts are entitled to free training services as per annual agreements.

Travel Time/Accommodations/Expenses: The client is to pay for all costs of transportation for bookings considered to be long distance (in most cases over an hour outside of major cities). The client is responsible for the payment of travel, hotel and subsistence costs when talent is required to work away over-night. You will be advised at time of booking if extra expenditure will be incurred. Travel time will be charged at half the hourly rate.

Usage Fees & Prep time: Prep time, as requested by the client, including hair, make-up, intricate set-up/take-down, and wardrobe are billed at the regular rate. Usage fees and one-off fees are to be negotiated with Buzz Promotions and must be stated at the time of the booking. Usage fees are in addition to hourly rates. Fees apply for (and are not restricted to) posters, print ads, digital broadcasts, consumer product packaging, P.O.P., displays, inserts, endorsements and the use of models names and all such usages will attract a premium charge which will be subject to usage fee negotiation. Video, film and recording bookings are based on hourly rates with a buy-out severance to be negotiated separately.

Complaints: Any cause for complaint must be reported to Buzz Promotions by phone during the course of the booking. Complaints cannot be considered in retrospect. Buzz personnel are under strict contract and may not drink alcohol or use their cell phones inappropriately while on shift. Any such behaviour should be reported immediately.

Cancellations: Cancellation(s) by the client, after a contract has been signed by both parties, will result in a 50% penalty. Confirmed bookings cancelled within 12 hours of start time will be charged at the full rate. On-going, annual and tasting agreements are subject to their own cancellation terms and are therefore exempt from the above mentioned cancellation terms.

Payment – Existing clients: Payment is required by or before specified due date on the invoice. Our payment term varies from contract to contract but is NET7 for most clients. We work on NET14 or NET35 for clients with annual tasting agreements (depending on your package).

Payment – New Clients: A 50% deposit is required at time of booking. Balance is due within 7 days from the date of invoice.

If a portion of any invoice is disputed, client agrees to pay the undisputed portion and give immediate update including reason for dispute. A $100 late fee applies to payments more than 3 days late and interest thereafter.

Insurance: Although Buzz Promotions does pay WCB on behalf of our sub-contracted staff, clients are responsible for the supervision of the event site in respect of health and safety issues. Clients agree to provide a safe working environment, free of danger or harassment. Any risk to health or safety known to the client must be disclosed to Buzz Promotions at the time of booking. The client is responsible for safety when staff are providing services in connection with the booking. Clients are also obliged to make sure that all other people engaged in connection with bookings are properly qualified and insured. We suggest you maintain adequate insurance cover to underwrite your obligation to our personnel.

Assigning: The client shall not assign or otherwise transfer any of its rights or obligations in relation to the booking to any third party without the prior written consent of Buzz Promotions.

Direct Engagement of Buzz Promotions Personnel: The client agrees not to directly employ Buzz Promotions personnel within 365 days of the last day of the last booking or contract termination date. The client and client affiliates agree to go through Buzz Promotions for any future bookings involving the staff supplied to them. If the client does employ or engage Buzz Promotions talent, the client will be liable to pay Buzz Promotions a commission of $500.00 (per person). The client may not obtain or exchange contact information, directly or indirectly, from Buzz Promotions personnel without prior written consent.