Client Frequently Asked Questions

How is Buzz Promotions different from a modeling agency or an event planning company?

Buzz Promotions has an altogether different focus and satisfies a niche market. Modeling agencies specialize in supplying staff for TV, print, and runway modeling. Accordingly, their models are selected for their physical appearance, acting ability and photogenic qualities. An event planner will provide you with all the resources to plan, organize and execute your event but would likely outsource their staffing requirements to companies like us. Buzz Promotions, however, focuses on providing you with the right promotional staff, specifically chosen, for any type of event. We require our staff to be physically attractive, but most of our emphasis is placed on personality, intelligence, communication skills, confidence, etiquette and professionalism.

Why is Buzz Promotions better than low-cost temp staffing or hiring our own staff?

Each of our staff goes through a thorough screening process, which ensures only those with specific qualities that we look for are hired. We have taken the time to get to know everyone on our roster. We know their strengths and what types of events and promotions suit them individually. Our staff are professional, experienced and exceptionally good at their job. Temp staff are often absent, late, unprofessional, “sick”, lazy or shy. At Buzz Promotions, we take on the responsibility of finding you the right staff and planning for any contingency or emergency, leaving you to take care of the many other aspects of your event. After all, do you have the time to pre-qualify, interview and screen hundreds of applicants? Leave that to us!

What are your rates?

Since there are so many variables, Buzz Promotions doesn’t work with a specific pricing scale. Instead, all rates are customized to suit the budgets and requirements of each client. Regardless of your budget, Buzz Promotions offers innovative solutions with highly competitive rates to help you find the right staff for your event. Additionally, we offer special rates for high-repeat and exclusive clients, and ensure that our clients have a full estimate of the cost before booking. Please e-mail us with your inquiry and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours. Clients can read more about agency pricing on our blog.

Do you offer services for events across the U.S. and Canada?

Yes! Buzz Promotions can provide staffing services for any Canadian event or promotion. We have branches in Australia and the US as well. Please contact us for more info.

Will the staff provided by Buzz Promotions be trained as per the requirements of my event?

Definitely! Our clients decide how much training is necessary for each assignment. We always provide our staff with a detailed briefing and guarantee that our staff will be able to confidently promote the products/services your company represents. If briefing is insufficient and in-depth training is necessary, Buzz will set-up an in-person, group or phone training session (charges apply).

Can I see a portfolio of available staff prior to committing to booking with Buzz?

Of course! We do require either a $100.00 deposit or a signed contract for services before releasing a portfolio of available staff. Deposits will be deducted off of your final invoice if you choose to go ahead with a booking. We do our best to maintain up-to-date photos on our website. Feel free to view the models and let us know if you have anyone specific in mind. We will reach out to book them however, due to the nature of the business, we cannot guarantee staff requests off our website.

In case a staff member is injured during an event, to what extent am I liable/are your staff insured?

Although Buzz Promotions does pay WCB on behalf of our sub-contracted staff, clients are responsible for the supervision of the event site in respect of health and safety issues. We suggest you maintain adequate insurance cover to underwrite your obligation to our personnel.

If my event is on a public holiday, will you still be able to provide staff?

Holidays and festivities are an important part of our business and the majority of our bookings happen on weekends. Regardless of the day or time, we can provide you with the right people to make your event a success.

How do I pay Buzz Promotions?

You can pay via PayPal through our website. Fee of 3% of invoice total is applicable for all PayPal payments. We do accept all major credit cards with 3.5% of invoice total fee. We can also arrange for direct deposit and Interac/wire-transfers. Buzz Promotions does not accept check payments.

Do you charge/pay overtime?

We only charge/pay overtime in the event our staff is asked to work longer than 8 hours. If a day rate was not previously agreed on, bookings exceeding 8 hours are charged overtime (rate + 30%), rounded to the nearest half-hour.

Do we have to book event staff for a minimum number of hours?

Yes, our minimum is 4 hours. The only exception is for annual liquor agreements in which our minimum is 3 hours.

Does Buzz Promotions charge/pay for travel time?

For bookings that are either “long-distance” or overnight, we ask that Buzz personnel are paid for their travel and/or accommodations. Major cities and suburbs are usually not considered long-distance however if you are unsure please ask us. If the time taken to travel to a venue (under normal circumstances) is greater than 1 hour, staff are commonly paid for their time spent travelling one way.

Are staff entitled to breaks?

All workers have the right to a break of 15 minutes if required to work continuously shifts over 4 hours or a 30-minute break on shifts 6+ hours. Break should be taken during the shift and not at the beginning or end of it. Buzz charges/pays breaks at our regular rates.

What happens in the unlikely event of a no-show?

We pride ourselves on a statistically low no-show rate however there are instances when situations arise out of our control. In the event a sub-contracted staff member is unable to attend their shift she/he will be asked to provide proof of emergency. Buzz Promotions management will do everything in our power to get a back-up on-site ASAP. If we are unable to fill the booking we will try to reschedule. If re-scheduling is not an option we will offer a credit as a gesture of good faith. If absent staff cannot provide valid proof for not attending, they will be responsible for any resulting financial losses and deductions as per their staff agreements.

What if staff are late?

Again, Buzz Promotions has no tolerance for unreliable staff. We ask all staff to show up 10 minutes early every time. That said, this is Canada where weather and traffic can be unpredictable at times. If any personnel are late, both Buzz management and the client/on-site contact will be notified. The client can choose to have the late rep make up the lost time at the end of their shift or accept a full deduction of services. If a staff member is consistently late they will ineligible for any more shifts.

Do you have male staff on your roster?

The industry has a lower demand for males in comparison to the demand for females. We have more ladies than guys although we do have male promotional models and brand ambassadors available for hire.

How much notice does Buzz Promotions require for a booking?

The more notice, the better. We don’t guarantee staff without minimum 5 day’s notice however we usually fill all last minute requests in major areas. The rate will typically be higher on short-notice bookings.